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Be The Cupbearer - A Modern Day Nehemiah

You will walk away from these next 7 weeks with a well-articulated and established personal leadership mission statement as a part of a full written philosophy of leadership. You will know what values mark your line in the sand. All this coming from an in-depth study of one of the most influential leaders of the Old Testament – Nehemiah. His remarkable journey to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem brings lesson after lesson of leadership at its finest.

Bob Loy
Director of PHARE Warrior Leadership Academy

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Live Informational Q&A

This class is hosted virtually on zoom, so you can be anywhere and participate.

You will meet weekly for instruction, check-in, time to share, and develop ideas with other participants.

There are certified coaches that have participated and taught this class that will help guide you through the course.

You will receive a workbook, and a digital resource you can save and edit on your own.


Foundations of Leadership will require you to dive deep to really reflect on what makes you tick as a leader. What do you value? What behaviors do you expect of yourself and others, what is your primary leadership style and how will you apply it moving forward?

We recommend this course for new leaders, or starting over in your leadership journey.
This course can be taken a-la-carte, it is not dependent on the other COMPASS Development Courses.


What you value, is what you hold close. Look around you. What are the things, and who are the people close to you.


We all are on our journey, it is better traveled with other like minded warriors.


Do you have a personal leadership mission statement, or even a philosophy of leadership? When you are finished with this course, you will.


Once you discover who you are, you can know which path to journey on. Knowing thyself isn't something that comes easy, so buckle up, this foundations of leadership will be the building blocks for your leadership journey.

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